Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What I Do - --

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Okay, well here it is:
I am a freelance writer,  EDITOR for Self-Publishers,  and right now my main project is writing a book, an adventure-thriller, titled "DESPERATE  SHADOWS."  I am also working on a short story/book (I haven't decided WHICH yet) called "FORGIVENESS," which is a gripping and absorbing story about Loss, Recovery, Love and . . . Forgiveness. I would, at this point call it "Spiritual Romance." I WILL POST snippets as I write them - so stay tuned. 

Almost every day, I try to write, or at least think about writing, and sometimes my Muse will hand me a topic for a short story or essay, etc. From now on, if I come across anything interesting, I will post it here. When I feel strongly enough about a certain topic, whether it is a movie, current event, or whatever, I will post it, and share it. For example, I am very much interested in the Middle East Crisis, and events as they affect ISRAEL, and the Jewish People. Sometimes I will post an opinion piece, and also reference other sources, such as speeches, and Newspapers, as they become relevant.
So, in the meantime, Peace and God Bless

Scribbler30 (Steve S.)

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